What Consumers Say

“Since my auto accident two years ago, I have not been able to work, which resulted in loss of wages and insurance benefits. Recently, I found out I have a mass in my lung which could be cancer. I am in need of a lung biopsy and, since I have no health insurance, this advance will be very helpful to my situation.”

– James Loines

“Because of my accident, I have not been able to make the kind of dollars I used to make. I have maxed out all of my credit cards and line of credit on my checking account. You came to the rescue and helped me through this tough time.”

– Red Yaekle

“After my accident, paying the rent and other bills in a timely fashion became difficult and I fell behind in payments. I was on the verge of being evicted for non-payment of rent. Thank you for your help.”

– Charles Linnen, Sr.

“I’m very behind on my payments. You’ve helped me get enough money so that I can put food on my table, keep the roof over my kids’ heads, and keep my car so I can get them to school. Thanks for everything.”

– Robert Madison

“We were overwhelmed immediately after my injury and lost some services within weeks, and faced losing our car, home, and the little bit of pride we allow ourselves. What you’re doing is taking care of us while we recover.”

– Joel Thompson

 “After an intense domestic violence dispute, I was left with barely any resources to support my children and me. Your service has given me a little something to help get back on my feet and the tools to create a stable and healthy environment in which my children will grow up.”

– Audrey Johnson

 “My husband and I were thrown some pretty hefty curveballs within a short period of time. After he lost his job, I encountered some medical complications that would require a hospital stay. Your service gave me the financial means to pay off some bills and get grounded before my check-in.”

– Mary Parks

Standards and Conduct

As part of our commitment to consumers, ALFA adheres to and promotes the highest ethical standards and levels of conduct. Our members are required to follow a code of conduct that puts legal funding clients first and protects consumers from bad actors.

  1. ALFA members are required to obtain written acknowledgement from the client’s attorney before funding their case.
  2. ALFA members are required to ensure that their transactions with clients contain the entire agreement between the member and their clients. Each member agrees that they will not take any step to acquire ownership in their client’s litigation and interfere or participate in their client’s legal action
  3. ALFA members agree that they will not intentionally advance their client money in excess of their client’s needs at the time the advance is completed.
  4. ALFA members agree that they will not intentionally over-fund a case in relation to their perceived value the case.
  5. ALFA members agree that they will not offer or pay commissions or referral fees to any attorney or employee of a law firm for referring their clients to the member.
  6. ALFA members are required to be reasonable in negotiations with victims in reducing their outstanding balances whenever it can be shown that (a) the client received a substantially lower settlement than anticipated; (b) unanticipated circumstances arose during the litigation; or (c) other lien holders, including client’s attorney, have correspondingly agreed to reduce their own fee(s).